Bosca Ceoil by Manfrini

Welcome to the Manfrini “Bosca Ceoil” page! You’ll find all the information you need about the latest accordion to hit the Irish market which is exclusively available from Gannon’s Traditional Irish Music Shop.

Bosca Ceoil

From €3,195

Origin & Concept behind Manfrini’s “Bosca Ceoil”

“I was lucky enough to have the pleasure of meeting Robert Rolston of Manfrini in Castelfidardo, Italy a few years ago. Castelfidardo is the home of the accordion - where a lot of well-known accordions have been made in the past, including the great old Paolo Soprani model.  Kelly and I were over there on holidays and happened to meet Robert and his associate Patrick Jackman, where the conversation quickly turned to accordions. We started discussing new accordions vs. the iconic boxes of the past and hit upon a few key points. We explored what made the old accordions sound so great and were intrigued at the thought of combining the Manfrini keyboard with the sound of the old accordions. There seemed to be no option out there on the market to replace the old grey 1940 Paolo Soprani box. Well that has just changed thanks to the Manfrini Bosca Ceoil!”

- Colm Gannon

Key Features

Colm has been working with Manfrini over the past couple of years designing the “Bosca Ceoil” model and they have done a fabulous job. The Manfrini “Bosca Ceoil” has a wooden soundboard, which is so important in recreating that nostalgic sound the old grey boxes had. Most modern makers don’t utilize this as their soundboards are made of metal, which creates an unpleasant tinny sound. As well as this, the “Bosca Ceoil” has a fantastic keyboard which is highly responsive. There is a great balance to both sides with basses that compliment the treble side without overpowering it - this box is just a joy to play and listen to. The Manfrini “Bosca Ceoil” has combined the depth and sound of an older instrument with the playability of a brand new accordion. What more could a box player want!


When you are ordering a Manfrini “Bosca Ceoil”, you have the option to customize the accordion to suit your personality and your playing. Some of these options include selecting a particular bass set up, altering the tuning of the accordion and choosing the key of the instrument, from choices such as B/C, C#/D, C/C#, D/D# and more.

More Options

There are other options that you can choose from which are free of charge! You can choose from several different coloured celluloid body, for example black, grey, brown, white, violet, blue and red to name but a few. You can also choose between the colour black or white for the buttons. You can choose what kind of grill you want - either a celluloid finish, a chrome finish or a brushed finish (like the one in the video above). All of these options are all included in the €3,195 price. Delivery time may vary depending on the availability of the colour choice.

Optional Extras

There are also a number of extras that can be ordered at an additional cost. These extras include a painted finish that can feature any design or colour such as a beautiful wooden effect. The design is painted over the celluloid which maintains the integrity of the instrument whilst keeping it “new” looking for years to come. This is in comparison to other companies who just paint the wood, affecting the durability and longevity of the instrument. Another popular extra is the option to get your name printed on the bottom of the accordion if you want.

Robert Rolston

Robert Rolston


Robert has over 40 years experience working within the  accordion industry. He has worked closely with many factories in Castelfidardo, and in 2008 moved to Italy to expand his accordion repair business. While in Italy, Robert developed the Manfrini accordion - now in its 5th year of production. In 2011, Robert came to Scotland to promote Manfrini and further advance his accordion repair business.
Patrick Jackman

Patrick Jackman


Patrick Jackman has worked with Robert for the past 10 years and like Robert, Patrick did much of his training in Italy. Patrick valves and waxes the reeds into their blocks for Manfrini accordions and does the same for customers wanting to completely overhaul their accordions. Patrick also makes the websites and catalogues for Manfrini Rolston.

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Manfrini Bosca Ceoil


Manfrini Bosca Ceoil

I first played the prototype Manfrini “Bosca Ceoil” over a year ago and was first struck by the sound. It has something unique - power and sweetness as well as something that I just hadn’t heard yet… it sounded like a Manfrini! There is an amazing depth and quality to the sound. It is one of the most responsive accordions I’ve ever had the pleasure of playing and it plays with such little effort while still having a huge dynamic range. The action/keyboard is also without doubt one of it’s finest assets, featuring beautifully domed buttons that feel amazing and perfect consistency in all of the springs. I’m currently awaiting not one, but 2 more of these incredible boxes! I can’t wait!

Derek Hickey

I became interested in the Manfrini accordion as soon as I heard a clip of Colm playing it on his Facebook page. When Colm then brought it with him to the 2013 Patrick O’Keeffe festival in Castleisland, it gave me the chance to play it and I was immediately impressed with the great sound it was producing. Having ordered my own Manfrini since and been lucky enough to have had 3 months or so with it now, all I can say is - what a great sounding and easy box it is to play! It carries very little weight and the fingerboard is incredible. The sound continues to impress me, and I feel it is getting better each time I play it. It really is just an all round brilliant machine and I would highly recommend it.

Bryan O'Leary

The Manfrini “Bosca Ceoil” accordion is, for me, the best button accordion on the market today! So much thought and effort has gone into creating that unique sound, redolent of the old grey Paolo Soprani accordions. They have succeeded in getting this sound out of a new accordion, which has handmade reeds and faultless keyboards. The Manfrini “Bosca Ceoil” is a priceless gift to those discerning box players, (and they’re growing in number), who want an accordion with a rich resonant sound, which is full of character, and has that unmistakable button box sound. This is a sound that is often missing from many modern accordions.

Johnny Óg Connolly

I first played the Manfrini “Bosca Ceoil” prototype about a year and a half ago and was amazed at the sound of the accordion. At the time Colm had explained some ideas they had to improve it. A couple of months later I played the newer version of the Manfrini and, when the small changes were put together, the result was unbelievable. The right hand has the quickest response I have ever experienced. It nearly plays itself. The accordion makes you explore avenues that you mightn’t have explored before. It is a supremely well balanced box as regards the lower and higher resisters of the right hand and the left hand sounds amazing. My accordion is tuned very wide and the new reeds can manage comfortably, which I hadn’t experienced before. The sound is definitely as good as the old grey Paolo Soprani accordions. A beautiful, supreme instrument to play!

Damien O' Reilly